The Oodsphere is the ice covered homeworld of theOod.The planet is covered in mountainsand high cliffs and in the same solar system as the sence sphere,home world of the Sensorites(DW:planet of the Ood),located in the horsehead nebula.(DWA:Doctor who annual 2007).The world is home to the central export facilities of Ood operation.The Ood evolved and survived in the snowy planet in peace until the Second Great And Bountiful Human Empire arrived to the planet in the 3,800's and enslaved the race.The ood are kept withi the precense of ood operations on the planet, includingthe ood brain,wich is actually found the northern glacier of the planet.After a battle and invention of the doctor Donna and the friends of the ood,the ood are freed and left to roam the planet in peace once more.

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